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The Living With Hypersomnia website is maintained by volunteers from around the world. This website is owned and maintained by Lloyd. While the Living With Hypersomnia website links to other organizations and websites it is an independent of any formal organisation.

Our goals with this website are to:

  1. Provide reliable information for those suffering from Hypersomnia as well as their friends, family and peers;
  2. Provide support resources to those suffering from Hypersomnia so they can improve their quality of life; and
  3. Promote Hypersomnia to the International Medical Research Community in the hope of the development of better treatments and eventually a long-term cure to Hypersomnia.

IMPORTANT: Everything on this website is simply our opinions. If you do anything we talk about on this website without the supervision of a licensed medical doctor, you do so at your own risk. This information is presented for educational purposes only.

We originally met through the Major Somnolence Disorder Facebook Group and mostly suffer from Idopathic Hypersomnia. You will find further details about the Facebook Group on the Support Page.

For all inquiries please join us on Facebook:
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